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Thrift Fashion Lookbook — Ventura, CA

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

High fashion photography street city thrift lookbook outfits haute couture
Shot on location in Downtown Ventura, CA by Adrian Corona.

Lately, I've been venturing more and more into the wondrous world of thrifting. As a child I would frequent thrift stores with my mom, but as I grew older I became overwhelmed by the endless array of stuff—similar to the feeling of walking into Forever 21. It wasn't until my coworker and thrift guru Arianne, took me down the rabbit hole at one of my hometown's best thrift shops where I never looked back.

My addiction to thrifting has grown in accordance to my patience, therefore allowing me to discover more one-of-a-kind items. On our last visit we joked that the spirit of Carrie Bradshaw was guiding our thrift energy because we came up on some fabulous vintage pieces—she scored Manolo Blahniks (a Carrie staple) and I scored Prada (another Carrie staple).

I was inspired by my latest thrift hauls so I decided to curate a post showcasing my best looks with the beautiful backdrop of my hometown of Ventura. It was only appropriate that I have a photoshoot in the very place where the best thrift stores are nestled and where I spend most of my time! All of the listed clothing items below were thrifted at Coalition Thrift Store.

The Outfit

Flat Lay Photography —



The Look — Parisian Chic

Parisian-Themed Coffee Shop Fashion Photography Beach Town Local Tourist Spot in Downtown Ventura, CA
Café Du Suro - Ventura, CA Photo Credit: Adrian Corona

This sweet little café caught my eye while walking down Main Street and I knew I would want to eventually shoot here. The rustic Parisian café exterior provided the perfect backdrop to my circa 90's preppy look. This outfit plays upon the classic Fall fashion staples: knee-high socks, plaid, and earthy tones. If this look could speak it would say:As if! (Not pictured: me scarfing down that decadent croissant)

Parisian-Themed Coffee Shop Fashion Photography Beach Town Local Tourist Spot in Downtown Ventura
Café Du Suro - Ventura, CA Photo Credit: Adrian Corona

Parisian-Themed Coffee Shop Fashion Photography Beach Town Local Tourist Spot in Downtown Ventura
Café Du Suro - Ventura, CA Photo Credit: Adrian Corona

The Outfit

Flat Lay Photography —

PEACOAT: $4.99



The Look — The Carrie

Chic Sophisticated Carrie Bradshaw Prada Look Street Photography NYC High Fashion Ventura, CA
N. Palm Street - Ventura, CA . Photo Credit: Adrian Corona

This is by far my favorite look which I have appropriately dubbed "The Carrie." As you can tell I have been shamelessly binge-watching Sex and The City in my free time.

The street photography style and the shabby industrial backdrop gives these photos an NYC vibe (this photo was taken right before I hailed a cab in true NY fashion). The focal point of this outfit is of course the vintage Prada tennis skirt. I'm still not sure who just gives away Prada at their local thrift store, (perhaps delirious grandmas or charitable rich people) but either way, I'm living for it.

N Palm St. Ventura, CA . Photo Credit: Adrian Corona

Italian Restaurant Beach Town Ventura, CA High Fashion Photography
Capriccio, Inc. - Ventura, CA Photo Credit: Adrian Corona

The Outfit

Vince Camuto High Fashion Flat Lay Photography Thrift Fashion
Flat Lay Photography —




This beautiful camel ensemble came to life during two separate hauls. The gorgeous halter top and suede Vince Camuto pointed flats mesh beautifully with the vintage wool wrap skirt. This look can be dressed up with a light bomber for a night out or dressed down with a blazer and tights for a classic professional feel.

*The top and flats were purchased after this photoshoot so I wasn't able to shoot this particular look. I will be updating this post and my Instagram with this outfit once I get the photos! Don't forget to keep up my post by following me here.

Some say the most frustrating part about thrifting is that you never know what you're gonna find. But I would argue that that is the most exciting part. I'd compare the sentiment to the way those extreme couponing moms feel right before they trek it to the supermarket.

Thrifting is inexpensive, sustainable, and downright fun. It's a great place to donate your unwanted items and discover new ones. After all, one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Do you like to thrift? And if so, which stores? Let me know!

Happy Thrifting!