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Setting 2021 Intentions

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I won't start this post with the typical "new year, new me"platitude that gets tossed around in the new year. To be frank, it's nonsensical to think that everything will magically change or improve the moment our calendars begin anew. In the past year, we've witnessed a tumultuous series of dumpster fires play out on a global scale and it's okay and expected if we're not all there at the moment.

I for one am grateful to have kept my job, health, and loved ones close the past year, but at the same time there were moments in 2020 where I struggled. It's okay to acknowledge the difficulty of the past year and want to put it behind us, but before moving forward into the new year it's important to move gracefully with intention.

Call me cheesy but I believe in writing down positive affirmations and setting intentions, which many people refer to as manifesting, in order to feel more positive and curate a mindset where I can successfully reach my goals. I won't go into detail about manifestation because that's what google is for, but it's something that I am prioritizing this year.

The one thing I will say is, that when creating intentions/affirmations, it's best to be as detailed and intentional as possible. Don't just say I will advance in my career this year, instead say I will be promoted this Spring within the marketing department. The Secret level manifesters will come for me if I don't mention that you must also speak in present tense in faith as if you already attained those things/job/house. In my opinion, what's important is believing you deserve what you gratefully seek and putting in the work to help take a bit of the load off the universe's back. You don't have to share your intentions with anyone if you don't want to, however I am sharing mine to keep a public record and hold myself accountable in achieving what I seek in the new year.

Before leaving you with my 2021 intentions, I will share one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite authors Paulo Coehlo:

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

2021 Intentions

I am sitting in my wfh desk writing engaging and enticing blog posts biweekly.

I create beautiful and meaningful content that inspires and uplifts others.

I am grateful for the abundance of paid brand partnerships and creative projects in 2021.

I am grateful for my growing and inspiring platform of 6,000 Instagram followers.

I am grateful for my job promotion into the department I am passionate about—social media marketing.

I am connecting deeply with others and strengthening my social bonds with deeper understanding and empathy.

I have reached a level of unwavering understanding where I no longer take anything personally.

I allow my body and mind to rest with a sense of self-compassion when I need it.

I offer myself self-compassion and loving nurture because it is what I deserve.

Everyday I make meditation a daily practice because it nourishes my spirit and mind.

Every month I will read a single book that stirs my soul.

Everyday is a blessing and a new opportunity to positively impact another person's life.

I grant myself grace and self-love when I experience anxiety.

I live everyday with positive intention and openness to abundant possibilities.