• Jasmin

New Goals Who Dis?

As we welcome August and draw a near to the end of summer, I'm reflecting on all the changes the season has brought—shifted priorities, self-growth, and new opportunities to name a few. In order to make sense of all these milestone realizations, I've set myself new goals and plans for both the short-term and long-term. I've got new goals, I count 'em.


1. Shape my content creation skills

I've gotten far better at being consistent with my blog and I'd like continue posting at least one to two blog posts a week. But writing is just one aspect of maintaining a blog—there's also social media, and visual elements like photography, editing, and web design that brings it all together. Creating content is fun but a lot of work. I'm determined to keep honing my skills in order to be the best I can be in my profession.

2. Explore new creative writing ventures

I also want to explore other writing/content creation opportunities beyond just my blog and EDMTunes. A big goal I am setting for myself is to freelance an essay or article and get it published in a prominent digital magazine or website. I want to continue growing as a writer and the only way that will happen is to aim for bigger goals.

3. Don't compare myself to other bloggers or content creators

Since my blog first went live back in February, I've gained a lot more confidence and insight into what it takes to manage a blog. I know in due time I will get the hang of it all, but for now I will try to be patient with myself and take baby steps towards the right direction. Instead of comparing myself, I will engage/uplift other people because there's more than plenty of room at the top.


Pretty feminine tea lights scattered across a European work and study travel book with au pair
au pair dreams

1. Move to Europe as an Au Pair

This one I'm most excited about and have been putting a large amount of my energy into. I had initially planned to go to Europe next summer but simply going on a vacation didn't sit well with me. I wanted to travel with a purpose and contribute my time and energy into something meaningful abroad. While I was researching travel abroad programs, my friend Rachel reached out to me about a cultural exchange program she was looking into called Au Pair World.

As an au pair you live with a host family and exchange part of your time in childcare for room and board plus pocket money. I am currently in the early stages of negotiating an au pair trip with a wonderful potential host family. I won't share specific details until my plans are more concrete and solidified. But I am hopeful that it works out so keep your fingers crossed for me!

2. Learn a new language abroad

This goal goes hand in hand with the Au Pair program because part of the requirements for living and working abroad is that you must take a language immersion course. I've always wanted to learn Italian and French—both of which are romance languages that hail from the same linguistic family as Spanish.

3. Become a full-time travel blogger

Okay this one sounds pretty far-fetched so maybe I should rephrase it, what I mean is I'd like to make the most of my travel experiences by documenting them and sharing them on my travel blog. No excuses. I want to capture the magic of the people, places, food, and emotions that I encounter along my travels. But if I become #sponsored and get to fly to Bali in exchange for a few targeted Instagram posts I won't be mad.


1. Become a finance whiz

I recently got my first credit card at the ripe age of twenty-four. The reason I waited so long is because my dad sternly forbade me from getting one as a teen/young adult. "But paa I need credit if I ever want to get my own apartment or buy a car," I'd say. "No! You'll get tangled in debt. Just take my advice and don't ever get one," he'd argue. Well, under the guidance of my fiscally-responsible older brother (you should check out his credit score) I went ahead and got one. My goal now? Stay on top of my payments and become a budgeting queen. Oh, and raise my credit score.

2. Read a new book every month

Don't get me wrong I love to read. But the digital age has lowered my attention threshold necessary for reading a book. I can read online articles and tweets all day long but picking up a book requires a ton of discipline. I understand the value of reading and that whole CEOs read 60 books a year thing. So if I ever want to be a CEO I should probably start reading like right now. I'm off to a great start, I just checked out Mindy Kaling's "Why Not Me" at my local library. I'll keep you guys updated if that whole CEO thing pans out.

3. Grow spiritually

Over the past few months I have been quietly working on own spiritual journey. It's not something I tend to discuss because everyone has different beliefs which I completely respect. But in my case, I have achieved immense personal growth in the process. I've been able to build my own convictions and reflect on life with a widened perspective. At the end of the day, I strive to be a more empathetic and compassionate person in this world, despite the challenges life may throw at me.

These goals are here to provide myself a reminder that I want to achieve things I once thought wasn't possible. I may not achieve all of them, but I sure want to try.

What are you biggest goals?