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Living the Dream: Life As A Festival Blogger

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Hard Summer Music Festival 2018 Blogger Standing In Front of Picturesque Ferris Wheel
3rd times the charm. Hard Summer Music Festival 2018

If you've seen my social media before you've probably noticed that I spend a majority of my time at music festivals. It seems like every month I'm prancing about on the fields of some music festival or rave. You might wonder how the heck it is I can afford to keep up with this expensive hobby, because festival tickets are not cheap. Well truth be told if it weren't for the fact that this is part of my profession, I'd probably be broke.

That's why I'm grateful that I have the privilege of living out my passions of travel, music, and writing in one. People are usually curious when I tell them I get to go to festivals for free, so I'm sharing what the dream, work, and play that goes into being a festival blogger below.

What sparked my love of music festivals

Ever since my first ever concert back in 2007—which was Hannah Montana featuring the Jonas Brothers—I've been a live music enthusiast. Concerts have always been at the center of my life and they've always been the one thing I don't mind splurging on.

The way I see it is that you will make that money back down the line, and you can't put a price on an unforgettable experience.

I've come a long way since my Hannah Montana days and have gone through various music phases and stan periods (Guns n Roses, Imagine Dragons to name a few). I still love and listen to them regularly but right now I'm really living for the eclectic feature of music festivals. I enjoy the fact that you're not limited to one artist—instead you have a multitude of available talent all within your reach. In 2016 my best friend bought my ticket to my first ever music festival, Super City 50 and since then I've never looked back.

Trendy Photo of music festival and concert ticket display and collection
My ever-growing collection of concert and festival ticket memorabilia

What work goes into being a festival blogger?

From a social media standpoint, being a festival blogger looks like an exciting slideshow of frolicking and fist-pumping fun. And don't get me wrong, for the most part it is—but going to festivals is just one aspect of the role. Festivals are the end-game, but during the off-season there's work and responsibilities that come with being a digital media writer. Press passes aren't just handed out. You have to keep up with a certain standard of professionalism and responsibilities as a digital media writer to qualify for a slot on the press list.

In addition to meeting a weekly writing quota, part of the job requires developing and maintaining professional relations with industry contacts in music PR and A&R. These relations will benefit both parties down the line and will result in perks like artist interviews, press passes, and exclusive event invitations.

Truthfully, this is probably the coolest part of being in media. Press passes offer access to parts of the festival that general admission doesn't get to see. The privileges that press passes offer are often similar to VIP, but include media-related bonuses like access to artist trailer areas and media tents. I can't tell you how many times I've ran into famous DJ's and artists while lounging in the media tent and had to maintain my composure. At the end of the day, it's a job and maintaining a sense of professionalism is critical to getting far in this industry.

The lessons music festivals have taught me

Vibrant colorful flat lay photo of music festival magazine souvenirs
I collect memories and novelty magazine souvenirs from my festival travels

Before I went to Super City 50, I wasn't into electronic music or the idea of giant raves and festivals. My friends were active ravers and festival junkies but I was indifferent to the scene and enjoyed living in my comfort zone. It took the on a whim decision to drive up to SF with my friend's friend (who I disliked at the time) to push me out of my comfort zone and try out a new experience.

On that car ride up to The Bay I ended up bonding with that friend of a friend and connecting with her on the basis of our shared love of music. We blasted music and sang along to the words like one of those cliché road trip montages. I now call her one of my best friends, and we still joke about how we used to hate each other before that fateful car ride.

Moments like these where people connect to each other and discover that they have more in common than they think are exactly the lessons music festivals teach us.

There are far too many life lessons I've learned over the years I've learned at festivals, and it will most likely be the subject of a future blog post, but for all intents purposes I will name the most significant ones I can remember:

  1. This moment right now is the only one that matters

  2. Don't judge others just because they're different from you

  3. You probably have a lot more in common with other people than you'd think

  4. If you want to find yourself you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone

Living the dream

EDC Las Vegas 2018 an absolute dream

Imagine getting to travel to music festivals free of charge and checking off festival after festival on your bucket-list. Pretty soon you begin to need a larger bucket-list. You get to meet and interview some of your favorite artists, discover new music and collect unforgettable memories. Once it's all said and done you'll translate this remarkable experience into a captivating editorial piece.

Ever since I joined EDMTunes back in 2016, I've had the pleasure of covering two major music festivals and countless artist shows and music events. I've been able to join a warm community of music fans and spark friendships across my travels. I wouldn't trade my time as a digital media writer for anything, and I hope to continue to hone my craft to propel this into a full-time career.

So should you go to a music festival?

Absolutely. Without a doubt yes. It doesn't matter if you like hip-hop, EDM, indie music or whatever, there's truly something for everyone at a music festival. The music is just one facet of the experience. There's also the people, the production, and the energy that make up the bigger picture. Music festivals fuel our escapism and let us dance our troubles away if only for just that moment.

I will regularly receive messages on Instagram where someone will tell me that I look like I'm living the best life and my posts alone have inspired them to consider going to a music festival for the first time. I love receiving messages like this. because if I can inspire even one person to go out and try something new outside of their typical routine then I've done my job. So to those messages I say: go out there and buy the festival or concert ticket. What's stopping you? Money? You'll make it back. The memories you will make will be priceless.

As always feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have regarding festivals/concerts or if you just want to hear a silly festival story. I've got too many to count (just don't ask me about that one time I got my laptop stolen at HARD💔).

I'm thrilled to be getting back into my festival groove this weekend for the inaugural kickoff of All My Friends Festival in DTLA. I'm excited to announce that I have an potential interview in the works for the weekend. You can keep up with my shenanigans and a possible social media takeover from the artist over on my Instagram.

Is there something else about music festivals/concerts you'd like me to discuss on a future blog post? Let me know.

xox Jasmin