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How To Keep Calm During Social Distancing

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

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What a year 2020 has been–or at least felt like, am I right? It's only day 7 of my new work-from-home setup but it feels like it's been much longer. These days seem to stretch and overlap as the laws of space and time has basically collapsed. The best way to describe this strange new world is that disoriented feeling you get after you napped far too long. 2020 is just one big nap hangover. Damn you c*v*d.

But not all is grim or has to be. With the emergence of this novel self-isolation lifestyle comes new opportunities to slow down, center ourselves, consume less, and seek pleasure in the simple things. Rather than lament on the morbidity of current events (the media does enough of that!), I'll share what's helped me find joy and light amidst the gloomy days.

Breathe In All The Fresh Air

Going outside for a walk to feel the crisp air has by far been the greatest remedy to the onset of stir crazy. Unfortunately hiking trails and playgrounds have been closed to discourage public gatherings, but as long as you keep your distance from other people a long walk within your neighborhood will do your mind and body good.

Play Games (the good kind)

Working and living in the brave new virtual world, I've found it much more necessary to unplug and focus on more mindful activities. Besides puzzles, most games require another player to play—so grab your self-isolation partner and connect back to your inner child with these games:

  • Mancala

  • Literally any card game

  • Five Crowns

  • Lego sets

  • Nintendo Wii games (animal crossing what up)

  • Pokemon Go (add me on there!)

Stretch your limbs

I won't dare pretend I'm a fit queen and preach daily exercise—what I will say is, any bit of movement counts. Nows the perfect time to bust out those dusty P90x CDs or hop on that squat rack that's been rusting in the corner of your garage! Youtube also has great pilates and yoga workouts to breathlessly follow along to from the privacy of your home. If none of the above interests you, maybe a buddy can tag you in a pushup challenge on IG.

P.S. Thank you to my dear IG friends for not tagging me in any pushup challenges.

Youtube favorites: GymRa, Yoga with Adriene.

Read or Listen to Books

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Sharing book recommendations is one of my favorite things in the world, as well as my literal job. But if your patience wears thin for old-fashioned paperbacks, might I suggest an audiobook? Maybe I'm a tad biased, but audiobooks are awesome because they give you the freedom to multi-task and attend to other tasks while someone reads to you. You can listen to them while you clear out the dust bunnies from under your couch or cook a quarantine struggle meal. Whatever way you consume it, books are here to connect us and keep you company in our socially distant era.

*The Volumes App has a nice selection of free audiobooks you can try on for size. My favorites are Becoming by Michelle Obama, Dear Girls by Ali Wong, and More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth.

Do The Sh*t That You Love

Gone are the days where we could dismissively throw around platitudes like, "I don't have time to __," "Gee if I had the time, I'd totally start __." Oh my how the tables have turned. Now we're high on time and there's no better moment to pick up the hobbies or activities we always said we'd do. Whether that may be writing, learning a new language, teaching yourself to cook or shuffle cards like a Vegas casino dealer—the possibilities are endless. A quarantine isn't the end of one's personal growth so stay curious and motivated during these challenging times!

Connect With The People You Love

This one has proven to be the most challenging for people to grasp under the social isolation orders (I'm looking at you Daytona Beach Spring Breakers). I too struggle with the inner conflict of visiting family back home, and the uncertainty of when I can finally embrace my friends and family without fear of contagion. Fortunately, we live in 2020 and not 1920–so technology is on our side. Text messages and phone calls bare more value now more than ever. Host a virtual happy hour with pals, and check in on the people you care most about because the world feels much less daunting when we feel like we're in this together.

Share your tips with me on how to keep calm, cause your girl needs them.

Wash your hands and stay safe!