• Jasmin

Just Keep Writing (Writing...Writing)

Any writer, blogger, author, or procrastinating student will tell you that the most difficult aspect of the writing process is actually sitting down and putting pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard. I personally find any and every reason to distract myself from writing. My routine writing process looks a little like this:

  1. Walk to kitchen and open fridge to find nothing worth snacking on.

  2. Pace back and forth around room looking for things to tidy up/clean.

  3. Get in a few mind-numbing social media checks.

  4. Finally sit at computer and stare at screen for approximately 4 minutes.

  5. Write.

It's not the most tactful but hey, it (eventually) gets the job done. I tend to write the most when I'm feeling inspired or moved, but I've realized that that's not always sustainable or practical. Sometimes you have to push through the writers block and search for inspiration in your everyday life. In my case, a recent conversation with an interviewer sparked my motivation to get in a good word count.

This week I went on an interview that reminded me of my sense of purpose as a writer. This interview was refreshing in the way that it didn't feel like an interview; it felt like a creative and personal exchange of ideas. The conversation was moving and for the first time in an interview I wasn't tensely nervous. The interviewer mentioned he read my blog and even referred to specific blog posts. I was stunned. I've never had an interviewer be so invested in my background, it's usually the other way around. He was awestruck of my ambition and in his words my "courage to put everything out there." Overall he was amazed at the wisdom I evoke in my writing for someone of my age.

It felt incredible to feel validated for the work and energy I put into my blog and to hear firsthand that my content was connecting to someone.

Instances like that conversation are what fuel my passion for creating and storytelling. And I'm not talking about the surface level validation, but the deeper impact of connection. My interviewer recognized that my posts were laden with a deeper message and underlying theme—words beyond just pretty photos and backdrops. That's precisely what I aim for when I share bits and pieces of my life in my writing: to inspire, entertain, or simply evoke thought.

I'm not sure yet if I will get the job but I am remaining hopeful and optimistic. I sense monumental change is on the horizon and this encounter has made me all the more ready for it. Until then, I'll make like Dory and just keep writing (writing...writing).