• Jasmin

BuzzFeed, Boys, and Big City Dreams

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

The past four months of my life have read like the storyline of a cheesy Hollywood rom com. Girl is in love. Girl lands big city dream job. Girl gets dumped. Identity crisis ensues. Girl eventually finds love within herself amongst the chaos. Yup, I managed to be in love, get dumped, and land an internship at my dream company—all within the same week. Cue the disturbingly accurate cliché, “when one door closes, another door opens.” Working for BuzzFeed has always been a dream of mine, and this past October I was able to make that dream a reality—as BuzzFeed LA’s Fall editorial intern. If you’ve met me, you know that I am a living archetype of millennial culture, with all its encompassing language and accessible pop culture trivia.

Transitioning into this role was difficult at first, as I was bearing the weight of two huge life changes: a case of imposter syndrome and the emotional sting of a breakup.

I had to let go of my fear of failure and recognize my value in order to move on and make an impact in my internship. So I confronted my struggles the only I way I knew how—by making fun of them.

photo credit: Claire de Louraille

At BuzzFeed, there’s a storytelling concept called ID posts, or identity posts. Those articles tap into the identity complex of a specific group of people or subculture. Think, Harry Potter fandom quizzes or relatable introvert struggle articles. These relatable posts sound like they're speaking to you, because they’re written by people who are tied to those identities. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of conscious self-awareness and emotional intelligence goes into creating relatable BuzzFeed posts.

Instead of denying the fact that I was a twenty-something hot mess, I came to terms with it by writing about it.

With a dash of wit and self-deprecating humor I wrote a slew of lighthearted singles awareness and breakup posts. Take a peep for a laugh.

Sadly, three months came and went far too quickly. But I made sure to live-tweet and Snapchat nearly every aspect of my day-to-day life. From the unlimited snacks and cold brew to the dog-friendly office and weekly catered lunches. It was every twenty-something's dream. The people were just as amazing and I got to work alongside some of my biggest creative idols. Let me tell you, it was super nerve-wracking trying to be casual and chill~ while sitting next to a team of talented internet famous figures.

Being BuzzFeed’s editorial intern was an unforgettable experience that I am forever grateful for. My manager, editors, and co-workers were all influential role models who taught me to be self-directive and confident in my skills.

So what's new since BuzzFeed?

  • I'm living my best life. I've finally put myself at the center of my life again, and I now have the freedom to pursue my career goals with no one in mind but myself.

  • I'm a part-time barista, part-time writer, and full-time stereotype. As Kendrick Lamar once said, "If I gotta temporarily work a job to support the things I love, I'ma make it look sexy." Or...something along those lines.

  • I've learned to accept that there's no use in comparing the timeline of my success with that of others. My career path is so much different than that of anyone else's and my success will come in due time.

  • Exciting opportunities are on the horizon and I won't mention them until they've fully panned out. Stay tuned 💛