• Jasmin

Birthdays and Boss Moves

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

HI! How are ya? As you can tell I'm still reeling in the excitement from meeting Jeffree Star this past weekend in Calabasas. His latest video dropped yesterday and my girl Racquel and I made a cameo in the intro which you can watch here. Or check out the screenshot below for a visual of the moment my soul left my body.

the exact moment Jeffree snatched my soul / Source: YouTube

I call this look "trying to look fierce through the fear"

Okay stan moment over, let's get back to the regular I turn 25! It hurts slightly to say that because like many millennials, I have an irrational fear of getting older. I'm officially part of the mid-20s club and no longer in my early 20s. A quarter of a century has elapsed! *sniffle* Jokes aside, I'm trying to keep it light and optimistic because there's so much to be grateful for on this special day.

So, am I wiser than I was yesterday? Probably not, but 25 definitely feels more form-fitting and stable. The better majority of my 24th year was spent hustling and dedicating myself wholly to my career. I would grind out my shifts at Coffee Bean and immediately hop off the clock and grab my laptop to start my other job as a freelance writer. I would often sit on my laptop for hours conceptualizing social media posts, writing pitches, doing research on companies and applying to jobs. Many times I would second-guess my efforts and agonize over the hours I would funnel into my blog and social media, scared that it wasn't going to make any sort of impact on my future.

Ultimately all the hours spent meticulously crafting up stories, editing photos, teaching myself SEO, and sharing my creative vision with others paid off in the form of a profound professional opportunity that no one saw coming (including myself).

Two days ago I celebrated one month at Penguin Random House. I never believed in a million years that I would end up in publishing, nonetheless the biggest publishing house in the world, yet here I am.

It seems as though in the past month everything has been slowly falling into place. It's almost too good to be true. I have a new job where I am in constant proximity to inspiring actors, directors, authors, and professionals alike. I even have a new car! And a reliable one for that matter. As much as I love my trusty old steed—which has been with me through two relationships and countless music festivals/road trips—I will not miss the days when my car would stall on the side of the freeway on my way to work ensuing a panicked phone call to my brother or dad because I thought I was gonna get hit. And I will most definitely not miss the miserable gas mileage.

It seems as though I've finally gotten the hang of this "adulting" thing. Now, as I enter my mid 20s I'm filled with excitement for the unforeseen possibilities that await me. I have an itinerary of new goals and aspirations for the coming year. I plan to travel to Europe at the end of the Summer and get published in more publications this year. Above all, I want to continue creating and exploring every avenue of my growth. It feels wonderful and if I'm being honest, a relief to be in a place where I can say that I am proud of myself.

24 was the year of the hustle, the grind, and the journey to achieving personal success. 25 will be the year of being present, living life, and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday today. Here's to many more birthdays and plenty of more boss moves 🎉