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A Pisces Picks: The Best Books To Satisfy Your Literary Need

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I've been meaning to do a book blog post for the longest time, and now with my new publishing job I feel it would be an absolute waste not to. Like many people, it wasn't always easy for me to sit down and read books. But working in publishing has given me a deeper appreciation for reading and learning. The great thing about books is that there's a story out there for everyone, in every form imaginable—paperback, hardcover, audiobook format, or even E-book. I believe finding the right book is a journey in and of itself that can be a bit daunting if you don't know where to start. That's why I've compiled a list of my favorite books that will appeal to whatever you're looking for in your reading time: whether that's a laugh, a smile, or an escape from reality. Enjoy!

Read this if you're looking for a laugh

This is quite possibly my favorite category of books—memoirs by famous comedians. I've always been fascinated by the way in which comedian minds work because they are some of the most intelligent and creative people out there. In a way, reading their stories firsthand through their own words gives me a map to follow in their footsteps if not just an example of someone to emulate. Plus, they're just too damn witty.

*Side note: BJ Novak's book isn't a memoir but a short stories book, and too damn good not to include on this list.

  • Mindy Kaling's Why Not Me? & Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)

  • BJ Novak's One More Thing

  • Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance

  • Tina Fey's Bossy Pants

Read this if you're seeking inspiration

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Sometimes what you need the most in a story is to feel moved, by someone or something. Each of these books have had a significant impact on my life in one way or another and I believe they're worth picking up if you want to feel connected to someone else's life. I read Viktor Frankl's book in community college and I remember feeling humbled by this heart wrenching yet uplifting story written by a Holocaust survivor that speaks to how he sought meaning in his life even under the most cruel conditions in a concentration camp.

I credit The Opposite of Loneliness with inspiring me to pursue writing as a career and in many ways I connect to Marina Keegan's curious and rose-colored view of the world. Tragically, she never got to see the impact she made due her premature passing just days after her college graduation. This book is a post-humous collection of her greatest essays.

It goes without saying that Michelle Obama is one of the most positive influential figures we've received from our recent presidencies which makes her story worthy of exploring. I am listening to the audiobook of Becoming and I can't help but get shivers down my spine hearing her speak. There's something special about hearing an author's voice recite their own story that printed words can't achieve alone.

  • Michelle Obama's Becoming (audio)

  • Victor Frankl's Man's Search For Meaning

  • Marina Keegan's The Opposite of Loneliness

Read this if you're searching for an escape

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The beauty of books is that they provide a momentary escape from reality when you dive headfirst into a story. If the story is truly powerful, it will have you emotionally invested in characters and a storyline that's entirely fictional. When I stumbled upon Sunflowers in an LA Goodwill I couldn't predict how consumed I would be by the fictional love story between Vincent Van Gogh and his French lover. Same with I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter, where I felt deeply connected to Julia's upbringing and saw a reflection of myself in her character. I can't say enough about that book and if you're a first-generation American you will whole-heartedly relate to her powerful story. I'm currently reading Van Gogh: A Self Portrait because I am deeply fascinated by his life and there's a lot to learn about the complex mind of one of the greatest artists of all time through his handwritten letters in this book.

  • Sheramy Bundrick's Sunflowers

  • Erika L. Sanchez's I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

  • W.H. Auden's Van Gogh: A Self-Portrait