• Jasmin

5 Things That Inspired Me This Pisces Season

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Disclaimer: I’m not an astrologer, I'm just a Pisces with lots of great things to share.

It’s officially Pisces Season y’all! And whether you’re someone who scoffs at the very idea of it, or you check your horoscope on the daily, Pisces season is a great excuse to tap into your imaginative side. Pisces are known to be exceptionally artistic individuals. They regularly seek out ways to harness their creative power and transform it into something tangible and worthy of sharing.

Below, I have curated a list of things that I find worthy of checking out. They’ve all served as a source of inspiration for me, and hopefully they do the same for you. 💜

Listen: Lorde - Melodrama / sugg: “Writer in the Dark”

Before, it was Halsey’s Badlands. Now, I find myself completely engrossed in the lyricism of Lorde’s Melodrama. She’s my muse. Her distinctive self-awareness and honest storytelling are qualities I look up to immensely. I’d be lying if said I don’t try to emulate the passionate vulnerability of her songwriting in my own writing.

“Writer in the Dark” hits home like no other:

“But in our darkest hours,/I stumbled on a secret power/I’ll find a way to be without you, babe.”

Binge Watch: Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’/ sugg: “You Can’t Fix Ugly”

I’ll be honest, I never saw the original “Queer Eye,” but that doesn’t change the fact that the Netflix reboot is incredible. This show had me in tears on the first damn episode. Now that’s a way to start out a series. Queer Eye is a gleaming example of the versatility of reality TV, meaning there is such a thing as wholesome reality television. Never once does the “makeover” aspect of the show come across as cynical or superficial—instead it promotes a message of finding lost confidence within yourself, with the aid of five fiercely loving gay men. Honestly, try not to fall in love with these guys, I dare you.

Read: Marina Keegan The Opposite of Loneliness

Marina Keegan was 22 years old when she recited her touching essay “The Opposite of Loneliness” to her graduating class at Yale’s commencement ceremony. Just days later she was dead. Her written legacy is captured in a posthumous collection of her essays and stories in “The Opposite of Loneliness.” I credit this book as a major influence that inspired me to pursue writing. Beyond the tragedy of her death, Marina had a true talent for encapsulating a communal experience we all have as twenty year olds—the looming feeling that you’re just not good enough.

“We’re so young,...We have so much time. There’s this sentiment I sometimes sense, creeping in our collective conscious as we lie alone after a party, or pack up our books when we give in and go out—that it is somehow too late. That others are somehow ahead.”

Listen: Xavier Ömar’s The Everlasting Wave — sugg: “Blind Man” and “Speculate”

Sharing music with friends is such an amazing way to bond and get a subtle glimpse into each other’s individuality through music taste. Recently, a dear friend of mine let me in on his R&B playlist and directed me to this gem. The Everlasting Wave is both uplifting and sullen in its measure to embody love and all it’s ups and downs. Xavier’s soothing vocals will no doubt make you feel some type of way.

Sip: Coffee Bean’s Peach Jasmine Cold Brew Tea

Yeah I know this one isn’t like the others, but if you’re someone who appreciates caffeine’s power to boost productivity, try this one out. It’s both refreshing and strong enough to elevate you out of your mid-afternoon funk. Even though we’re in the last stretch of Winter, this iced tea is like Springtime in a cup. 🌷