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Everything I've Accomplished in 2018 & More

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

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2018 was a monumental year for me in terms of personal growth, self-reflection, and entering adulthood. I overcame loss and battled personal struggles which in turn gave me strength to push through whatever life through my way. Earlier this year I made a list of goals which just like me, evolved throughout the year. As I checked old ones off, new ones emerged, and outdated goals dissipated. Seeing my goals manifest into achievements is a beautiful feeling that I hope to bring into the new year. Below are some of my biggest achievements of 2018 paired with the corresponding 2019 resolutions. Hopefully it can inspire you to take hold of your dreams and go after what you want next year!

Surviving Singlehood

Photography by Adrian Corona

A year ago I was enduring heartbreak and the demise of my relationship. In order to come to terms with it, I dealt in the best way I knew how—writing about it. I've learned you have to go through the motions and as cliché as it sounds, time truly does heal all. Being thrown into the deep end of the single pool has taught me a lot about who I am and what I want. The perspective I've gained from prioritizing myself has empowered me to discover more about myself, my desires, and the qualities I'm searching for in a potential partner. Dating in this generation is pretty daunting and I doubt I'll find my soulmate anytime soon, but that won't stop me from putting myself out there and living my best single life. 💃🏻

2019 Resolution: Stay Single and Be More Fearless When It Comes To Dating.

Freelance Pitch An Idea And Get It Published

This year I finally achieved a huge personal goal of mine which was to become a professional freelance writer. If you read my New Goals Who Dis post a few months back I mentioned this monumental goal. I was published in not one but two large publications—Thought Catalog and Fierce by Mitú. It was a very creatively-fulfilling year and I've gained so much more confidence in myself as a writer. I plan to aim higher for my future freelance projects in the coming year so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my name! Until then, you can check out my posts here and here.

Share My Story With The World

For those who only recently began following my writing, you may not know that I first opened up about my sexual assault experience and the impending criminal investigation in an open letter three years ago. This year I got to close the book on that chapter of my life when I won my criminal case. I knew I wanted to document this experience no matter what the outcome came to be in order to bring light to this issue. I envisioned the company that I believed best represented my background and ideals which ended up being the company who gave me the platform to share my narrative, Fierce by Mitú.

Everything fell into place so perfectly I find it almost hard to believe it happened. I'm overwhelmed by the volume of people who reached out to send me kind messages of support and share their own personal stories of SA. The glowing support from my peers, fellow survivors, and strangers on the internet has reminded me of the very reasons why I fought this public battle in the first place. You can read my essay here.

2019 Resolution: Be More Involved In Human Rights and # MeToo movement.

Embracing Adulthood (Kind Of)

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2018 is the year I got my shit together. I put aside my childish antics and started investing into my career and my future full-time. I got a credit card in order to develop that determining adult variable—credit. I also started saving money in a high-yield savings account. As my friends one by one begin to topple over like dominoes into their mid 20's, I figure I've got at least 3 months until I join them into old age when I turn 25. Until that dark day comes, I will relish in my last bit of youth (responsibly of course).

2019 Resolution: Move Out and Move Forward With My Life.

Finally Launching My Blog

Earlier this year before I launched my blog, I bought my domain and began the venture into blogging on WordPress. WordPress is not exactly user-friendly and as a result I was completely overwhelmed. There were a ton of foreign abbreviations to know—HTML, SEO, CMS. I would literally spend hours watching tutorials online and attempting to teach myself the basics. To top it off, also following me along on this creative venture were the looming negative thoughts, "will anyone even care?" or "this never going to be good enough to post." I was so afraid what people we're going to think that I sat on my blog for months. Eventually, I realized that I wasn't going to reach perfection and once I let the ideas and content flow, everything else would follow. Now, I'm very proud at how far my blog and content has progressed. Looking back at my blog posts is like seeing a visual manifestation of my growth. This whole venture has been an invaluable learning experience and as simplistic as it sounds, I've learned that sometimes you just have to take the risk and dive in.

2019 Resolution: Create More Exciting Content Consistently.

Getting Over My Fear of Social Media

Photography by Adrian Corona

For the longest time, I had an unhealthy relationship with social media. I would follow people with insanely unattainable lives/bodies/lifestyles and subsequently feel like shit. When I started blogging, I began following people who inspired me and created content with a message. Coincidentally enough, one of my college roommates, Jess started her blog around the same time I bought my domain. She was a natural and admittedly it was hard not to compare myself to her—check out her blog here to see what I mean, she's fabulous. The great thing about the blogging community is that they're always willing to give advice and support one another. Jess invited me into her Latina Blogger community and gave me tips on how to make the most out of social media. Soon enough, I reached new followers and began to learn to create content that was personal and told my story.

Social media can get exhaustive, and I'll admit I have to take breaks from time to time in order to stay sane, but having gained the confidence to display my life story publicly and unapologetically is something worth being proud of.

2019 Resolution: Expand My Social Media Follower Base And Live Authentically.

Expanding my festival checklist and traveling

2018 was the year of quality over quantity and trying new experiences. My biggest trip of the year hands down was EDC Las Vegas back in May. It was the largest event I have ever been to and the most elaborate. I also made it to the inaugural All My Friends Festival and Hard Summer for my third consecutive year. This year I didn't travel too much because I have been working on saving up for goals I have lined up in 2019. Next year I plan to travel more and definitely hit up a new music festival, but for the time being I'm very happy with the priceless experiences I've had in 2018.

2019 Resolution: Explore a New Music Festival and Plan a Travel Trip

Doing my part in being environmentally conscious

It's hard hearing stats about climate change and environmental degradation without feeling a little helpless on what action we as individuals can take that will actually make a difference. I'm a firm believer in grassroots change and the power of influence. If we as individuals take small simple actions to subtly alter our wasteful behavior in our everyday routine lives, others will be inspired to do the same. This year I invested in carrying around reusable bottles, bags, and straws that I keep at home, in my car and at work. It's all about keeping yourself accountable, so if you're a coffee addict like me, doing something as simple as lugging around a reusable cup is a great way to do your part in being less wasteful.

2019 Resolution: Adopt more daily sustainable practices and start a compost pile.

Personal Growth

In the moment it's hard to see the progress you've achieved but in retrospect it becomes much more clearer. I've overcome a lot of personal and professional obstacles that in the moment, I thought was impossible. I've become more self-aware and less self-sabotaging on this journey, and I have my therapist, my friends, my family, and my coworkers to thank partly for that. I've built new relationships, cut off old ones, and put myself at the center of my life unapologetically. 2018 was full of reflection and immense growth and I've come to terms with this transitional phase of my life. It's scary as hell at times not know what lies ahead, but I find solace in the fact that I've survived everything up to this point. I have BIG plans for 2019 and I'm so excited to continue growing into the person I dream of becoming. As for 2018, all I have to say is...thank you, next. 💖

2019 Resolution: Nourish to flourish and keep working on myself.

Photography by Adrian Corona

Happy New Year !