Hi, I'm Jasmin.

 I'm a freelance writer and storyteller. 

By day, I work in publishing where I live and breathe books. Come night, I write stories and produce content that will inspire and uplift as told through the lens of a 20-something LA Latina.

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  freelance writer  

 As a first-generation college educated Latina, 

I believe my story is valuable and one shared by many others in this country. Never straying too far from my UCLA roots, I enjoy exploring topics in identity, culture, entertainment, and music through an anthropological lens. 

I've contributed to BuzzFeed, Thought Catalog, Fierce by Mitú and more. 



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  content storyteller  

My blog embodies my passion for discovery and learning. Whether that's achieved through travel, reading, or visual storytelling, I aim to create artful content that will uplift, inspire, or evoke wonder.

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Roma, Italia. Sept 2019.


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